1 Shipment Work Order

  • Your criteria for success is shared from our leadership to our drivers
  • We survey and visit consignee to identify special project needs

2 Tracing Updates

  • ETA and LFD tracing begins as soon as the work order is set up
  • Delivery schedule set as soon as it is available

3 Notifications

We alert you of any delay or delivery issues as soon as they happen

4 Delivery

We dispatch your delivery to hit your target window and confirm the delivery status

We deliver peace of mind

Deliveries like clockwork

As an on-demand intermodal carrier, P.B. Industries serves businesses and their customers with customized logistics solutions that enhance your operation’s overall efficiency.

When it comes to transportation, industry leaders and drivers face major obstacles in delivering cargo to its destination safely and efficiently. From uncertainty about shipment arrival to unexpected storage costs and warehousing bottlenecks, P.B. Industries removes the headache of logistics.

We simplify comprehensive delivery processes for our customers, working with steamship, rail, and freight forwarders along the supply route. Your supply chain is not always Point A to Point B, so we handle multi-point shipments to increase efficiency, save on labor and storage fees, and streamline international steamship deliveries.

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