Global Electronics Distributor

Our client is a global leader in the hardware and electronics market – one of the the five largest personal computer vendors in the world.


Their products include desktop and laptop PCs, tablet computers, servers, storage devices, displays, LED, LCD and plasma televisions, smartphones and peripherals. They also provide e-business services to businesses, governments and consumers.

The client initiated a complete supply chain transformation of its logistics functions. Their goals were to improve overall performance, reduce costs, increase visibility, improve information accuracy, decrease delayed scheduling, and streamline its carrier base. To this end, the company decided to partner with P.B. Industries.


We had limited time to develop and implement a solution before the start of peak freight season. We conducted multiple discussions to analyze and identify process improvement opportunities which would deliver results. We immediately got to work addressing many challenges, including:

  • Scheduling issues with multiple carriers
  • Information accuracy provided by Steamship Lines, Railroads, and carriers
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Security measures of freight while in transit
  • Under-insurance by carriers



We implemented a range of solutions

  • Changed from a multi-carrier platform to a single source to minimize delays and improve efficiency
  • Established pre-scheduling with the best estimated ETA
  • Track and Tracing was implemented by tracing all containers as soon as they arrived in US, which eliminated multi-source updates from various steamship lines and rails.
  • Eliminated manual once a day status updates in favor of EDI updates every 10 minutes
  • Eliminated demurrage charges by increasing capacity and pre-planning volume forecast
  • Security measurements and delivery process were developed to ensure their insurance requirement

The client now has a solution that meets both company requirements and its service level expectations. We have significantly reduced their costs, streamlined on-time delivery, provided visibility in freight movements in U.S., and delivered peace of mind to our customer.
The success of this project can be attributed to a dedicated and strategic partnership with PBI. We continue to make process improvements as the company’s needs change.