Frequently Asked Questions


How do you work with steamship carriers?

A : P.B. Industries understands the scheduling challenges associated with international shipments. When cargo crosses international waters, it’s rarely a streamlined, linear transport. To solve this issue, we track and manage steamship and port delivery schedules, so you get reliable reporting of your final delivery window. We collaborate with steamship lines and ensure mutual efficiency on both ends, so that managers gain a bird’s eye view of international freight tracking.

Where does P.B. Industries come in during the shipping process?

A : We offer logistics management starting with the manufacturer and ending with your customer, and we work with steamship lines, NVOCCs, brokers, freight forwarders, and rail lines that manage cargo between those points. We help all our clients and partners maximize their efficiency.  With on-demand logistics, you can rest assured that you will have streamlined logistics without the hassle—even with ocean cargo.

How much is my cargo insured for?

A : We typically exceed the UIIA liability requirement and insure our cargo at $1M per container load. This shields our customers and partners from unnecessary cost and liability.


Do you offer a real-time view of rail cargo?

A : Yes. The moment your cargo ships, you know when it is loaded onto rail, its current location, and when it will arrive at its destination. With electronic data interchange notifications, you remain consistently vigilant of your products’ transit at all times.


How do you help drivers make delivery more efficient?

A : If a priority shipment is tied to a specific certification, these transports can often end up delayed. We supply expert drivers from our team, who have a range of certifications and are trained in the latest logistics best practices.

When a client prioritizes a shipment, our dispatchers match delivery priority and certification requirements at delivery to avoid costly warehousing bottlenecks.

Do you work directly with driver?

A : We enjoy long-term relationships with many of our skilled drivers and support our team with training for a range of certifications and container and delivery tracking. If you’re interested in working with us, call us at 847-437-6464.


When is storage a more efficient solution?

A : When your warehouse experiences capacity issues that cause delay of delivery for more than 2 days, storage is often a better solution to manage your costs. Our warehouse-to-warehouse logistics are on-demand. When you need to take something from storage to delivery status, transit begins with the click of a button.

How does PBI help make warehousing more efficient?

A : P.B. Industries delivers centralized customer service and peace of mind for customers who have multiple regions. In addition to prioritizing deliveries based on client needs, PBI tracks all packages and provides data on our shipments during and after delivery, allowing your warehouse to review a shipment after the truck has left the dock, and giving your company one point of contact to get delivery information.

What is your storage capacity?

A : We have scalable, secure container storage available in the service area of major US ports and rails. For current storage capacity information, call us at 847-437-6464.


Do you offer electronic data interchange(EDI) services?

A : Yes. When accurate information immediately reaches the right people through automatic notifications, logistics becomes 100% accurate and 99% easier.

How can I integrate with your EDI system for shipment tracking?

A : Our electronic data interchange is simple to merge into existing platforms. For detailed instructions on how to integrate our EDI system with your shipment tracking software, contact us here.